Christmas & New Year Break!

December 20, 2022

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for your faith in NextXtar, we will be working so hard to serve you better come 2023, it has been a tremendous journey, and we are so proud of you guys been with us all the way, we really appreciate.

We will be closing for the year today been 20th of December 2022, this means you can upload your songs but it will not be distributed till the 5th of January 2023.

We understanding how difficult this is, but we can only follow the rules of the digital music stores.

As we strive to serve you better, we promised that next year will be better, with a lot program to help artist achieve their dreams.

This includes PROJECT, if you have a projects you want NextXtar to sponsor, tells us about your projects and why you want NextXtar to sponsor it.

We also have Dance competitions and FaceVideo, remember all this challenges will make NextXtar pick interest in you, including a record deal, Sound recording and Video production.

Follow us in all social media platforms to qualify.

Thank you once again and Merry Xmas and wonderful New Year celebration.

Message from NextXtar Team