Singnify Projects

Singnify will be sponsoring projects across all sections of entertainment, mainly in songwriting, skit creation, comedy, singing, unique ideas, short movie productions, News caster and producers.

  1. To participate you have to download Singnify App, in Google play store or Apple iOS store.
  2. Read the guidelines, and follow the instructions
  3. Create a 2 minutes video, document, audio, etc of your ideas , fill the form and upload your document file.
  4. Follow Singnify on all social media account
  5. Singnify has total right to use any video or content uploaded without any restriction
  6. You can upload has many projects as you can

We will chose a project which is most acceptable in terms of views, like and comments, there is no time limit because it is a continue process.

Remember rejection is not the end, it only means you work harder and better, and your project might be accepted.

Any project which is accepted, Singnify will fully sponsor such project no matter the cost.

This is an opportunity to showcase your talent to the world. Singnify unlimited Possibilities