Nje O Ti Wo Ara Re O Ninu Digi Press Release

Beatrice Adeyemi

Beatrice Adeyemi is a gifted gospel music minister

August 09, 2023

What was the inspiration behind this song and what message do you hope to convey through its lyrics?

The inspiration behind this song is to make people closer to God and to repent from their sins.For the Kingdom of God is at hand.

How do you approach the creative process in your songwriting?

The creative was approached by the Holy spirit.

Can you share any upcoming projects or plans for the future?

The plan for the future will be led by the Holy spirit not be canal mind.

What impact do you think this song will have on your fans?

The impact is to make my fans closer to their creator.

Give a shout out to someone who you think helped or inspired you to write this song?

To God be the glory for seeing me through hallelujah.

Anything you want to add about this your new single?

I pray that the song will have inspiration on my fans to make them move draw near to their Almighty God.



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