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Cyclone is a talented musician who has made a name for himself in the music industry. Born and raised in the Nigeria, he discovered his love for music at a young age and began writing songs and performing in local talent shows.

Over the years, Cyclone honed his skills as a singer, songwriter, and producer, and eventually landed a record deal with NextXtar. His unique blend of rap and hip-hop, has earned him a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim.

Cyclone's music is known for its catchy hooks, smooth vocals, and honest lyrics. He draws inspiration from his own life experiences and uses his music as a way to connect with listeners on a personal level.

In addition to his solo career, Cyclone has collaborated with a number of other artists and producers, and has been featured on several hit songs. He is also an advocate for mental health and uses his platform to raise awareness and promote positive change.

With his talent, dedication, and passion for music, Cyclone is sure to continue making an impact in the industry for years to come.

December 02, 2022

What is the song about, and what inspired you to write the song.

How are you doing today, it has been a long time since we last spoke with you regarding the possibility of me having a job at your company, I will be coming to your office on Monday to discuss more.

Who is artist (Cyclone )?

Cyclone is a big song writer

Where did you grow up?

I grow up in ibadan

What's your musical background?

Street life in the ghetto

Musically who are your biggest influences and who are your favorite musicians from now and then?

My biggest influences are mode 9 and chef

What do you think of recent music scenes?

Improving and growing

Who do you think is the most influential artists at the moment?

Burna Boy

How do you describe your own style?


Who have you collaborated with?


Dead or alive who would be your dream collaboration?

Big and 2pac

In what ways has your newest music changed from when you first started?

I have improved lyrically

What are the main inspirations for the lyrics you write?

Ghetto life

What would be your dream venue in which to perform?

02 Arena

How do you separate yourself from other artists?

Uniquely different

Tell us about a high point in your career so far?

My first record studio experience

Give a shout out to someone who you think could be the next big thing?

General Mickey Square

What are your upcoming plans?

Keep writing my songs

Any final shout outs?

To all the upcoming artists, believe in yourself



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