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I'm Nestor known by stage name L.A
I'm a song writer and hip hop artist and I love listening to my fellow artist music alot

February 10, 2024

What was the inspiration behind this song and what message do you hope to convey through its lyrics?

The inspiration behind this song is all about not going back to previous suffering and hardship, always move forward no matter what.. never give up because hard time don't last.

How do you approach the creative process in your songwriting?

I let my pen game speak for me , that's all .

Can you share any upcoming projects or plans for the future?

I'm working on my Ep

What impact do you think this song will have on your fans?

I think it will change the mentality of the new generation and teach them how to never give up I. Life

Give a shout out to someone who you think helped or inspired you to write this song?

I give a shout to God Almighty

Anything you want to add about this your new single?

My uniqueness


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