Singnify Support

Welcome to Singnify official website, we love to support our teaming members, in the best ways possible.

SINGNIFY: is a place perfectly built to help upcoming artiste, upload their songs and videos, in the comfort of your home while we do the shouting for you, we help in promoting them in the best possible ways, for more information, you can send us email on

SINGNIFY RECORDS AND LABELS DEAL: We also sign artist we believed in, we have dedicated team who are professional in the areas of STRATEGIES PLANNING, MARKETING, BRANDING, PUBLIC RELATION (PR) and more. We have other music executive we work with, over 10 record labels and Executives, that are looking for promising artists to sign on their labels, and equally market globally, if we find a label for any artiste on our platform, we will pass the said artiste to the label’s executive with 20% commission for Singnify Inc. the chances of been sign is very high with Singnify, a platform like never seen before, for more information about our Record deals and others, email us at

UPLOADS: We create the platform to make it easy for our members to upload their songs without stress or worries, we undertake the whole process on your behalf, simply upload your artwork which should be 450 pixel X 450 pixel, make sure your artwork is clean, simple and attractive, this will attract other members to listen to your songs and rate you, your audio should be in high quality MP3 audio. We know how difficult it is for some people to access good internet, we can also help you to upload your songs and videos. simply send your songs and artwork (Jacket) to

COMPETE AND WIN: This is a monthly challenge among members to use their songs to win, our fabulous prizes for the best liked and most listened songs on our web/app, the prizes varies, it is a programs designed to promote our members, for more information email

ROYALITY AND PAYMENT: The sole aim of this platform is to promote, underground, unknown and upcoming artiste, and we are commitment in carry out this task with utmost sincerity, in the cause of promoting an artiste, in over 500 music stores and online streaming, if the artiste makes any money, 50% of the money will be paid directly to the artiste, and 50% to Singnify Inc., payment can only be made if an artiste makes $100 and above. For more information about this kindly read our terms of use, or send us an email,

TOP SONGS CATAGORIES: We have our top chart songs on our platform, with leading songs, mostly played or liked, our songs are judged by the way people respond your songs, and equally like them, we encouraged all members to share their songs on their social media platform to attract more listening and like, the most wins our $1,000, every 90 days, for more information email

LABEL OWNERS / PRODUCERS / RECORD LABEL /MARKETERS / PRODUCERS: A portal has been created for music executives, label owners, Marketers, movie producers, independent artiste, record labels, etc. to upload all their artists or movies and equally monitors the sales on quarterly bases.

Advantages to work with Singnify, we will promote and place your products on the front burner, to generate quick income for your organization.

Prompt quarterly payment. We work with the best in the music world, we made it easier, simple go to our portal, read our terms and conditions, fill in your name company name and address, agree to terms and conditions, upload all your songs and videos, a confirmation will be sent to you and your all set to sale your product worldwide without any restrictions, for more information kindly send us email